Life captured beautifully.

Never too late

I just wanted to post today and say that it’s never too late to get great portraits taken. I am photographing a Senior today – that’s right, Class of 2011… it may be a little late in the year, but in my opinion it’s never too late to get some awesome photos shot.
This senior had an experience, which I hear about quite a bit, where they had pictures taken… and even liked them enough to order… but the photog never followed through. Didn’t return phone calls or kept postponing things. This is not the type of behavior that is expected of a professional, so I always find these stories a tad bit embarrassing just because they are representing the industry as a whole and it’s not a good representation by any means.
Luckily they didn’t just give up all together, they just decided to call it a loss and move on to a true professional (me!) *wink* that came highly recommended by a co-worker.
So I’m looking forward to my session today because I know that I will redeem the reputation of professional photographers today. I will show them the courtesy and respect they deserve. It’s all about customer service, baby! And that’s my specialty. That, and AHHmazing images. heheehee.
I look forward to sharing those images with you in a few days.
P.S. On that same note, it’s never too late to get good wedding photos if yours disappointed you. It might be just the two of you, but if you still fit in the dress and you’re willing to rent a tux for the groom, you could have the most amazing wedding portraits taken a year or two later… this is something I wish I had done.

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