Life captured beautifully.

The Walling Family : Family Portrait Session

I was blessed with a visit from these three little angels and their daddy.  They hadn’t had a good family picture taken in quite so time so they were very excited to work with me.  I am always thrilled when I get to work with someone that hasn’t had a professional portrait taken for a while because they are always so amazed and impressed by the whole experience.  Kind of like a “Why haven’t we done this sooner??!” is the type of vibe I usually get.

I think that is because I really make it easy on my clients.  I try to ease their worries about clothing or blemishes and visit with them, get to know them better, joke with them … just to get them to relax and plain ol’ forget they are here to get their photograph taken.

My main focus is getting that “right” expression… not too much smile, but yet a “real” smile and really, really good focus on the eyes… the window to the soul.   And, if you can’t tell that these girls adore their daddy, then you must be blind! *wink*



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