Life captured beautifully.

Grace and Olivia

These two little girls were so much fun to photograph.  I have been talking to their mom, off and on, since last March about coming to my studio to get their portraits done.  It just hasn’t worked out until now.  Luckily, she did manage to get some other pictures taken before then.  (Honestly, I advise my clients with babies that any pictures are better than no pictures… but portraits at RL Photography are always the best of all!  😉  *wink*)

Needless to say, I had the honor of doing Livi’s 1 year session which is a really big deal in my book!  Those 1st year portraits are such a milestone image and they will show up frequently later in life on elementary school bulletin boards, high school yearbooks and commemorative slideshows.  You know what I’m talking about, right???

The main reason we waited until now was because their mom wanted a picture like the one I did last spring of the baby with the angel wings on the little pedestal.  She facebook messaged me a few times to tell me how much she loved it and how she wanted something like that for her wall.  I advised her to wait a little bit until she was sitting up so that we could have it look as similar as possible.

The cute little fairy wings and matching tutus were theirs, but it inspired me to order a second tutu to match my baby size tutu since I’ve been having so many sisters in my studio lately.  I already had two, but they were different styles… and I don’t mind having a reason to shop for girlie stuff!!!

I’m really excited to do baby portraits again soon, because I just got some little baby leggings in!  They’re like little leg warmers.  I got three pairs for girls and two for boys.  Can’t wait to try them out!!!  Call me if you have a baby you’d like to get portraits of.  🙂



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